We are storytellers.

We are storytellers working in the age of media, and we tell many stories through images, both still, and moving. We tell all kinds of stories. We tell the stories about farmers and bakers, about butchers and cheesemakers. We tell stories on behalf of centuries old brands who earn their keep through the product of soil, earth and climate. We tell stories on behalf of fledgling ideas, created in a flurry of good intentions. We tell stories of cooks who live and breathe over fire, and the ingredients that arrive in their kitchens inside nondescript boxes and crates. We tell stories of multi-generational families that pass the goodness from father to son to daughter, the oldest old school and the new. We tell stories.

We tell stories in so many, many ways. We tell our stories in stores, both real and virtual. We tell stories on the web, we tell them through feeds that reach people in all corners of the world. We tell them in magazines, and in books. We tell them on mobile devices, tablets, and one day soon, watches. We tell our stories everywhere, in pockets, on billboards, on televisions large and small. We tell stories.

So, what's yours?